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22 YYH icons

For tarot_challenge:

0. THE FOOL: Karasu
Unavoidable mistakes, due to your own ignorance. Complete folly.

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Positives: Folly, thoughtlessness, extravagance, lack of discipline, delirium, frenzy.
Negatives: Carelessness, negligence, apathy. Hesitation, instability.

Human intelligence; worldly wisdom. Control of the forces that operate this world.

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Positives: strength of will, intuition, self-control, self-confidence, autonomy, diplomacy. The positive qualities in humankind: skill, initiative, intelligence, discernment, and comprehension.
Negatives: Cleverness, lack of scruples, trickery, cunning, subtlety. An intriguer, a liar, a charlatan, a rogue; one willing to exploit the weaknesses and trust of others.

II. THE HIGH PRIESTESS: Kuwabara Shizuru
Divine wisdom, enlightenment. Understanding of the reasons things work the way they do.

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Positives: Wisdom, serenity, knowledge and understanding. Judgement, learning, mystery, science, art.
Superficial knowledge, even ignorance; inability to judge events and issues clearly; muddy thinking; prejudice and one-sidedness. Also, a reluctance or fear of making decisions

III. THE EMPRESS: Minamino Shiori
The Mother, procreation, and domestic harmony--not just in the individual home, but in society as a whole.

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Positives: Fruitfulness of action, beauty, personal development and progress. Domestic harmony. Marriage, and matrimony. Long life.
Negatives: The unknown. Doubts and difficulties. Indecision. Selfishness. Loss of power. Vacillation, ignorance.

The Father. Worldly power, and protection of those for whom he is responsible.

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Positives: Authority, accomplishment, worldly power, stability, wisdom, ambition, reasoned action. Leadership, and ability to govern wisely. Compassion. Protection. Aid. Goals reached and won.
Negatives: Immaturity and confusion. Loss of power. Problems with enemies. Inability to reach goals; dissipation of energy.

Divine Will; interpretation of the Law of God in terms of personal and social codes of behaviour.

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Positives: Mercy, goodness, kindness, alliance. Creativity. The search for Truth. Understanding and inspiration. Moral courage.
Negatives: Extreme conservatism; over-kindness or over-conformity. Servitude, captivity, weakness. Need of social approval and acceptance.

VI. THE LOVERS: Yuusuke & Keiko
Union of opposites; commitment.

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Positives: Attraction, love, problems or trials overcome by harmony, union, cooperation. Wise decisions.
Negatives: Failure, conflict, division, immature planning, frustration. Unrealistic goals. Poor choices. Unhappiness.

VII. THE CHARIOT: Kurama/Minamino Shuuichi
Victory. Mastery of opposing forces by decision and strength of will.

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Positives: Conquest. Triumph over enemies or obstacles. Revenge. Victory over great odds; also, mastery of opposing forces. Can also mean receiving help or advice in a moment of great need.
Negatives: Conflict, war, trouble. Defeat or disharmony. Quarrels, disputes. Being overpowered.

VIII. JUSTICE: Kuwabara Kazuma
Impartial and unbiased justice. Strict fairness.

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Positives: Equity. Victory of the right in general. Fairness, reasonableness, proper balance.
Negatives: Bigotry, inequality, bias. Abuse of justice, complications in legal affairs. Unfair punishment; excessive severity.

Self-examination. A vision quest.

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Positives: Self-examination, moderation, wisdom, silence. Hidden Truth. Prudence, withdrawal, circumspection, caution, solitude. Learning through experience; a seeker. May also foretell an upcoming journey.
Negatives: Deception, lies, misinformation. Corruption, concealment. Misguided ideals. Disguise or even fraud.

X. THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE: Kiyoshi Mitarai
Chance. Blind fate. A situation over which you have no control.

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Positives: Good luck. Destiny; fortune. Success. An unexpected turn of events. Promotion or elevation. Victory; obstacles overcome by good fortune.
Negatives: Surplus of acquisitions, dragging at your coat tails. Failure. Bad luck, problems, unexpected harm.

Overcoming obstacles. Spiritual strength and force of will. Victory over overwhelming odds.

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Positives: Force of will, moral strength. Personal vitality. Courage, triumph. Fortitude, determination, energy, defiance. Ability to endure hardship. Success.
Negatives: Abuse of power, despotism. Failure, disgrace. Weakness, discord, lack of harmony.

Self-sacrifice, with the object of attaining wisdom, special insights, or personal growth.

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Positives: Self-sacrifice, growth of wisdom, intuition. Devotion, surrender, renunciation. Giving something up for the sake of something better. Prophecy.
Negatives: Selfishness, self-interest. Political machinations. Petty sacrifices, lack of ties. Loss of something wanted or needed.

Abrupt change; an end to things as they are or were. Death.

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Positives: Sudden change; an end to things as they were. Mortality; inevitability. A situation or event that cannot be avoided. Actual death. Sudden collapse of plans. Failure.
Negatives: Destruction, loss, failure of plans. Apathy, loss of hope or faith. Changes for the worse.

Patience, self-control, willingness to learn understanding.

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Positives: Patience, accommodation, moderation, frugality, temperance, reflection. Diplomacy; impartiality.
Negatives: Disunion, lack of harmony. Competing interests; unfortunate combinations or alliances. Frustration, impatience.

XV. THE DEVIL: Urameshi Atsuko
The struggle between the supreme good and the supreme evil; a choice of conflict between order and chaos.

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Positives: Hatred, violence, destruction. Turmoil, fatality, bad luck. Willing bondage.
Negatives: Pettiness, weakness. Blindness, jealousy, illness. Evil fate. Wrong choices. Disaster for one that benefits another.

A setback; the ruin of all your plans; disaster resulting from your own misuse of power or divine gifts.

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Positives: Disruption, adversity, calamity, misery, deception. Unforeseen ruin, termination. Disgrace, misery. A financial or personal loss. Unforeseen catastrophe.
Negatives: Still foretells calamities and losses, but of a lesser importance in life. A sudden, unexpected change. Oppression, adversity, deception, tyranny.

Wisdom, immortality, accomplishment of goals, generosity and understanding.

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Positives: Wisdom, immortality, spiritual enlightenment. Hope, happiness, intellectual fulfilment. Satisfaction, bright prospects, destiny, insight.
Negatives: Frustration, impotence, theft. Unfulfilled expectations, disappointments, abandonment. Arrogance leading to losses instead of gains.

XVIII. THE MOON: Youko Kurama
Mystery, intuition, psychic ability, deception and danger.

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Positives: Caution, hidden danger, hidden enemies. Scandal, error, disillusionment, deception, strife.
Negatives: Deception and danger to a lesser degree of importance. Instability, unimportance errors, silence.

XIX. THE SUN: Yukimura Keiko
Happiness, contentment, success. Fulfilment. Gifts received.

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Positives: Triumph, success, happiness, accomplishment, contentment. Achievement; success and honors. A new beginning and birth. Material blessings, a joining which will be happy.
Negatives: All the same things, but to a lesser degree. This is never a negative card.

XX. JUDGEMENT: Urameshi Yuusuke
Final decisions made; a new life beginning; results, outcomes, conclusions. The end of doubts; answers to questions.

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Positives: Determination, decision, result, outcome. An introduction; a fresh start, a new beginning. Problems resolved; questions answered. Change, rebirth, renewal: a radical but positive change in life or circumstances.
Negatives: Delay, deliberation, results postponed, weakness, cowardice. Possible punishment for any of these traits.

XXI. THE WORLD: Shinobu Sensui
Perfection, attainment. Goals reached, development or learning completed.

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Positives: Completion, perfection, synthesis, ultimate change. Honesty and truth; assured success, harmony, attainment. Graduation; completion of a cycle. Recognition, reward, acclaim.
Negatives: Negation, sacrifice of love or goals. Flight. Stagnation, inertia. Payback for evil deeds.


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